Voldemort is Owed an Explanation

This one got under my skin. Voldemort (aka, of course, Mike Florio) thinks that Suzy Kolber owes us a better explanation for how she handled being sexually harassed on national television. In this post, ol’ Volde revisits the infamous “I wanna kiss you” pass a drunken Joe Namath took at Kolber—not once, but twice—during a broadcast of a Jets game a few years back.

Kolber has addressed that exchange in a documentary about Namath’s life, but Voldemort apparently doesn’t like the answers Kolber gave, and begins the blame-the-victim game.

I called him out on it and, predictably, the post got deleted. Here it is:

* * * * * *
Kolber “finally” addresses it? Like… she “needed” to? What part of her getting sexually harassed by a drunken loud-mouth on national television makes you think that she owes you an explanation, Voldemort?

*She* gets harassed and *you* think you’re owed an explanation.
*She* gets harassed and *you* think she hasn’t been as honest as you’d like in that explanation.

* * * * * *

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