“Polianoscopy”… really?

Hey, kids, here’s today’s lesson: don’t let the actual meaning of words get in your way. Like with Voldemort. Voldemort has, against his better judgment (and yes, you should be making a sour face, reading that), decided to dub the events around the Polian firings in Indianapolis, “Polianoscopy.”


Apparently, Jim Irsay has the Polians locked in his office and is very busily looking at them.

Though I and at least one other poster have informed him of his error (it should be “Polianectomy,” as in ‘to have something removed’), he is charging ahead with that moniker. And deleting posts regarding his mistake.

OK, it probably didn’t help that I compared his stubbornness in sticking to the Polianoscopy name to crafting one of those obnoxious celebrity-couple pet names (like “Bennifer” or “TomKat”), except that he used the woman’s sister’s name instead.

“Um… my husband’s name is Ben, but my name is Luanne. My sister’s name is Jennifer.”
“I know, but–” cue the lame, wild-and-crazy-guy finger-poking dance “–it sounds better this way, eh Bennifer?”

I can see how he might not want that published.

Florio is an idiot.


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