On the Tebow Craze…

Apparently pointing out the simple truth (that what Tebow believes does not make that necessarily the truth of things, and that such belief can cause more friction than it helps), isn’t allowed. Perhaps Voldemort saw this as a cheap shot at Christianity… but it really wasn’t. One point (that Tebow’s belief is not necessarily true) set up the other point (that others might believe differently and thus his beliefs cause friction with teammates).

You be the judge. This comment got censored:


Just because Tebow credits a god with his success doesn’t make it the truth, nor does it clarify whether that god is anything other than the Demiurge. Just saying. It takes a fan-base of belief-sharing Christians to mythologize Tebows run of success as something other than another superstitious quirk… like not washing his practice jersey… or not shaving while a team is winning.

This is the time when, as an opponent, you want a lockerroom of atheists just so you aren’t misattributing his success to some higher power.

And, honestly, can you imagine the friction he would cause if he’d said something like this to a non-christian team-mate?

“Don’t worry. God told me we’re going to go score.”
“What? C’mon, man! Really? Now? I mean, no offense, but just shut up, alright? Why don’t you go listen to the OC instead?”

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