Litigating the Concussion Issue

On the post about Polumalu refusing to say whether he had a concussion or not, another user requested clarification as to why their post got deleted. I tried to post this bit of text a number of times:


koenig61 says:
PFT can you please let us know why comments arent posted? I’ll gladly modify my comments if i just knew what i did wrong. The only underlying theme is when i say anything negative about the authors.

There you go.

Here’s what I’ve gathered:

1) some words get your post automatically filtered by the server so that it never posts… words like “h0m0s3xual” (spelled correctly) and, oddly, the very last name of the author of this article. “Flo” will get through, as will “Mike” (obviously), but not the full name. Why a blogger would disallow his own last name from appearing in the comments, I have no idea, but I’ve taken to nicknaming this author Voldemort (ie, he who should not be named) because of it.

2) Criticism of PFT definitely gets the hammer of censorship, though mostly with Voldemort, I’ve noticed. It seems like if he is moderating comments (to his own articles) posts start disappearing left and right. After an article has been up on the site for a while, it’s like he walks away and takes his hand from the tiller, and people can get a little more posted. Maybe the other guys are moderating then. My previous post on this thread got deleted 3 or 4 times before I finally got it to stick.

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