Idiots Abound… and chief among them: Florio

This blog was setup solely because of the requirement to create an account if I wanted to post over at ProFootballTalk. I probably shouldn’t have bothered.

It’s not that I don’t have opinions on the stories coming out of the NFL. It’s not that I have trouble forming those opinions into cogent posts. It’s not even that I have trouble defending my position or answering criticism.

It’s that PFT apparently has some of the thinnest skin I’ve ever seen in a blog.

For the most part, this thin skin seems to center around Mike Florio, the founder of PFT… though you might have trouble pointing that out there. You see, you can’t use the name “Florio” in your comments.

Let that sink in a minute. A blogger disallowing the use of his last name in the comments to his blog. One can only speculate at the roots of such insecurity, though I cannot think that I am alone in my assessment that Florio looks completely out of his depth on a national stage. Seriously… doesn’t Peter King, on the segments that he is forced to work with Florio, have a look on his face like, “I am Peter. Effing. King. Peter-EFFING-King. Why am I working with this yahoo?”

If you include the letter combination “Florio” in your post on PFT, the server will automatically filter it. Because of that you might have to come up with creative ways of referring to him. Personally, in an homage to the PFT rule that you must not use Florio’s name, I’ve taken to “Voldemort.”

Voldemort would rather you not point out that he might be wrong. He would really rather you forget that he used to be a lawyer, and that he sometimes uses more courtroom contrivance than journalistic rigor.

Voldemort will delete your post.

Browse the comments and you’ll find a few references to this from other posters. A few. Because sometimes even the comments that refer to the fact that posts have been deleted get deleted themselves.

It’s really very simple: the more he censors, the more he advertises how thin his skin is. And the more apparent his insecurities, the less he looks like a competent, professional journalist. If Voldemort isn’t careful, he’ll censor himself right out of an audience.

So, though I had no intention of posting anything to this blog, and though, as I said, the only reason for opening this blog identity was to have a sign-in for the NBC Sports blogs, I now have a use for this space: that which Voldemort deletes, I will repost.

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