Voldemort is Owed an Explanation

This one got under my skin. Voldemort (aka, of course, Mike Florio) thinks that Suzy Kolber owes us a better explanation for how she handled being sexually harassed on national television. In this post, ol’ Volde revisits the infamous “I wanna kiss you” pass a drunken Joe Namath took at Kolber—not once, but twice—during a broadcast of a Jets game a few years back.

Kolber has addressed that exchange in a documentary about Namath’s life, but Voldemort apparently doesn’t like the answers Kolber gave, and begins the blame-the-victim game.

I called him out on it and, predictably, the post got deleted. Here it is:

* * * * * *
Kolber “finally” addresses it? Like… she “needed” to? What part of her getting sexually harassed by a drunken loud-mouth on national television makes you think that she owes you an explanation, Voldemort?

*She* gets harassed and *you* think you’re owed an explanation.
*She* gets harassed and *you* think she hasn’t been as honest as you’d like in that explanation.

* * * * * *

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“Polianoscopy”… really?

Hey, kids, here’s today’s lesson: don’t let the actual meaning of words get in your way. Like with Voldemort. Voldemort has, against his better judgment (and yes, you should be making a sour face, reading that), decided to dub the events around the Polian firings in Indianapolis, “Polianoscopy.”


Apparently, Jim Irsay has the Polians locked in his office and is very busily looking at them.

Though I and at least one other poster have informed him of his error (it should be “Polianectomy,” as in ‘to have something removed’), he is charging ahead with that moniker. And deleting posts regarding his mistake.

OK, it probably didn’t help that I compared his stubbornness in sticking to the Polianoscopy name to crafting one of those obnoxious celebrity-couple pet names (like “Bennifer” or “TomKat”), except that he used the woman’s sister’s name instead.

“Um… my husband’s name is Ben, but my name is Luanne. My sister’s name is Jennifer.”
“I know, but–” cue the lame, wild-and-crazy-guy finger-poking dance “–it sounds better this way, eh Bennifer?”

I can see how he might not want that published.

Florio is an idiot.


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Can’t Link to NFL.com Video?

Sometimes I think Voldemort and company fancy themselves as pre-Reformation priests: the gateways of all football information. How else do you explain the fact that one apparently cannot post a link to video on the NFL website?

In the post regarding DeAngelo Williams learning that tackling by the hair is legal, PFT linked to a Yahoo article that purported to have the video. The only problem? When you click on that video, it was video of the NFL Network’s post-game show where Mariucci is being given a blown up picture of him as a Cub Scout.

Don’t bother finding the proper video on NFL.com and posting it into the comments though. It will be deleted. Three times and counting, now.

If you’d like to see it, go here:



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On the Tebow Craze…

Apparently pointing out the simple truth (that what Tebow believes does not make that necessarily the truth of things, and that such belief can cause more friction than it helps), isn’t allowed. Perhaps Voldemort saw this as a cheap shot at Christianity… but it really wasn’t. One point (that Tebow’s belief is not necessarily true) set up the other point (that others might believe differently and thus his beliefs cause friction with teammates).

You be the judge. This comment got censored:


Just because Tebow credits a god with his success doesn’t make it the truth, nor does it clarify whether that god is anything other than the Demiurge. Just saying. It takes a fan-base of belief-sharing Christians to mythologize Tebows run of success as something other than another superstitious quirk… like not washing his practice jersey… or not shaving while a team is winning.

This is the time when, as an opponent, you want a lockerroom of atheists just so you aren’t misattributing his success to some higher power.

And, honestly, can you imagine the friction he would cause if he’d said something like this to a non-christian team-mate?

“Don’t worry. God told me we’re going to go score.”
“What? C’mon, man! Really? Now? I mean, no offense, but just shut up, alright? Why don’t you go listen to the OC instead?”

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Litigating the Concussion Issue

On the post about Polumalu refusing to say whether he had a concussion or not, another user requested clarification as to why their post got deleted. I tried to post this bit of text a number of times:


koenig61 says:
PFT can you please let us know why comments arent posted? I’ll gladly modify my comments if i just knew what i did wrong. The only underlying theme is when i say anything negative about the authors.

There you go.

Here’s what I’ve gathered:

1) some words get your post automatically filtered by the server so that it never posts… words like “h0m0s3xual” (spelled correctly) and, oddly, the very last name of the author of this article. “Flo” will get through, as will “Mike” (obviously), but not the full name. Why a blogger would disallow his own last name from appearing in the comments, I have no idea, but I’ve taken to nicknaming this author Voldemort (ie, he who should not be named) because of it.

2) Criticism of PFT definitely gets the hammer of censorship, though mostly with Voldemort, I’ve noticed. It seems like if he is moderating comments (to his own articles) posts start disappearing left and right. After an article has been up on the site for a while, it’s like he walks away and takes his hand from the tiller, and people can get a little more posted. Maybe the other guys are moderating then. My previous post on this thread got deleted 3 or 4 times before I finally got it to stick.

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Idiots Abound… and chief among them: Florio

This blog was setup solely because of the requirement to create an account if I wanted to post over at ProFootballTalk. I probably shouldn’t have bothered.

It’s not that I don’t have opinions on the stories coming out of the NFL. It’s not that I have trouble forming those opinions into cogent posts. It’s not even that I have trouble defending my position or answering criticism.

It’s that PFT apparently has some of the thinnest skin I’ve ever seen in a blog.

For the most part, this thin skin seems to center around Mike Florio, the founder of PFT… though you might have trouble pointing that out there. You see, you can’t use the name “Florio” in your comments.

Let that sink in a minute. A blogger disallowing the use of his last name in the comments to his blog. One can only speculate at the roots of such insecurity, though I cannot think that I am alone in my assessment that Florio looks completely out of his depth on a national stage. Seriously… doesn’t Peter King, on the segments that he is forced to work with Florio, have a look on his face like, “I am Peter. Effing. King. Peter-EFFING-King. Why am I working with this yahoo?”

If you include the letter combination “Florio” in your post on PFT, the server will automatically filter it. Because of that you might have to come up with creative ways of referring to him. Personally, in an homage to the PFT rule that you must not use Florio’s name, I’ve taken to “Voldemort.”

Voldemort would rather you not point out that he might be wrong. He would really rather you forget that he used to be a lawyer, and that he sometimes uses more courtroom contrivance than journalistic rigor.

Voldemort will delete your post.

Browse the comments and you’ll find a few references to this from other posters. A few. Because sometimes even the comments that refer to the fact that posts have been deleted get deleted themselves.

It’s really very simple: the more he censors, the more he advertises how thin his skin is. And the more apparent his insecurities, the less he looks like a competent, professional journalist. If Voldemort isn’t careful, he’ll censor himself right out of an audience.

So, though I had no intention of posting anything to this blog, and though, as I said, the only reason for opening this blog identity was to have a sign-in for the NBC Sports blogs, I now have a use for this space: that which Voldemort deletes, I will repost.

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